Postpartum is an essential part of pregnancy. After delivering a baby it is the 6 to 8 weeks. These weeks can be very stressful for a new mum, frustrating and confusing for new moms.

Read on ways to reduce stress after having a baby to make this precious new transitional time of mother / child less stressful, less painful, smoother and more enjoyable for you and your new child.

As a midwife I put much thought and effort into my knowledge of pregnancy and birth. My first son was born at home in a pool for births surrounded by people I loved. But none of my knowledge about midwifery prepared me after having a baby for the first few weeks.

The postpartum phase of pregnancy had been very emotional and physically demanding for me. I was working a long time and every part of my body was hurting. It felt like I was struck by a lorry. I share some way on getting rid of stress after a child birth which made my pregnancy more enjoyable.

Support the household chores

Trust me; you’re going to be too tired to keep up with postpartum anything. Don’t be afraid to ask for support during your pregnancy or to order a gift certificate for home cleaning as a perfect baby shower gift that can be used after having a baby.


Place your freezer with precooked meals

At odd hours, new moms get hungry and it’s not uncommon to be too exhausted to cook.

Within the first week postpartum, schedule chiropractic adjustments: Pregnancy and childbirth drive many of the pelvic bones out of alignment. Using your chiropractor’s know-how to realign your pelvis, shoulders, and back. Definitely this will speed up the recovery after birth.

Have a decent stock on your hospital bag and at home of big sanitary napkins and adult diapers. I don’t giggle! New moms will experience very heavy bleeding during birth and normal sanitary towels won’t be doing the job. Most hospitals are offering new moms cheap postpartum sanitary towels. Even this will prevent your bed linen from being ruined.

Sleep on sleeping your son

Be prepared to overwhelm yourself as a new mom postpartum. Take every chance to sleep while your baby is asleep, and try to spend less time for your hairstyle.

Don’t be scared to cry (and don’t worry). Pregnancy, infancy and postpartum contribute to increasing hormone levels. There is a rapid drop in hormones after childbirth that occurs roughly on the third, fifth, and tenth day.

These modifications to the hormone can pose emotional challenges for the mother. You can weep for no apparent reason so let it out and realize that’s all part of a typical postpartum pregnancy.