Many moms are facing a very common problem of crying child three to four times especially at night. Some little ones will not be in the bed and they want to round a house and keep playing. With this reason, they will also not have enough sleep at the night time.

If the mothers wish to keep a toddler in bed, you should need to follow these tips suggested by the experts. All these are really very simple but effective technique to keep your little ones being in the bed. After a week, you will definitely see the enough level of improvement if you are following it perfectly. If there is no improvement, you can move onto another option.

keep toddler in bed

Best tips to keep your toddler in bed:

  • Use the “excuse me” technique – Many parents can think that what is the excuse me technique but it is absolutely the great one for all. There are hundreds of key phrases to say in English but excuse me is definitely a very helpful phrase especially for the parents keeping your kids stay in bed. Give the normal bedtime routine to your children and you have to stay next to her to give comfortable feel. If you say excuse me to leave out of the room, he/she will trust you and reside on the bed.
  • Wake them back up technique – It is absolutely a great technique to help your kid or little baby with the habitual night walking. You will definitely experience the excellent result with this amazing solution. Using this technique, you can get toddler to stay in bed.

This technique works greatly to set alarm for approximately 30 minutes prior and tell your kid back to sleep even if they wake up.

Another technique to keep your child in bed:

  • Rule out sugar sensitivity – Sugar definitely keeps your little children awake at night. Those moms who are all struggling with the night walking of your kids can see the dramatic results after removing the sugar from your child’s diet slowly.

By simply removing the sugar from milk or any other foods, the number of times walking up at the night time will be reduced to zero. It is pretty impressive and simple technique to follow in order to avoid the frequent night wakeup of your kids.

There is also another additional technique to tell parents that it is necessary to keep the red light in your bed room.

If you want to keep toddler in room at night, red light is highly significant because this particular color doesn’t emit the daytime light frequencies. Green, blue and white lights sends the daytime light messages to your body and making your little ones ore likely stay awake or to wake up again and again.

With this main reason, it is crucial to have the red color light in your bed room. When you bring your little ones to bed room and turn on the red light and turn off all other lights, he or she will come to the mood of sleepy particularly throughout the night.