Christmas is definitely a very big celebration throughout the world and Santa Claus is the most favorite character who gives blessing and gifts to the kids and all other people.

If you are a parent and you want your daughter or son knowing everything about Christmas, you should need to first tell kids about Santa.

When you are telling him or her about the facts about Santa Claus, she or he will enjoy the real magic and celebration of Christmas. Kids love Santa unconditionally because he is a very jolly person and always gives a gift to everyone. All the children will feel greatly comfortable with Santa Claus and thus they want celebrating Christmas every year.

good age to tell kids about Santa

Reasons to tell about Santa:

If you are looking when to tell kids about Santa Claus, you need to start his story at the age of 2. This is because at this age your kid starts grasping everything and the words you told. If you start telling about Santa, he or she will understand his importance and will have everything in their life. The following are the main reasons why the parents should need to tell the truth about Santa Claus.

  • Historically the story and truth about Santa Claus is probably about the unconditional love and it is actually the story of Saint Nicholas. He is an early Christian and secretly provided the money 3 various times for 3 sisters who faster didn’t have enough amount of money for dowry while getting married. During the night time, he hides the cash into their belongings. But one might, the father found Nicholas and Nick requested for him to remain it is secret. Then, Saint Nick provided money unconditionally to this family due to his greatest love for god.
  • When considering the recent story of Santa, it is completely about inspection, filling your belief down and also not expressing your passion.
  • Every parent wants your children to know that all parents love them unconditionally. Through this story, you can explain your love towards your kids and provide the loving space between you and your daughter or son.
  • Behavioral science tells everyone that you get more enjoyment from being very kind to others when you don’t get anything in return. This truth will be enforced in the mind of your little ones when you are telling the story about Santa Claus.
  • Don’t tell lies about Santa because it doesn’t help building any trustful relationship with them.
  • If you are telling the unconditional love of Santa Claus and he is giving gifts to everyone, your child will also have the same habit to love everyone and give anything to the needy people.

Santa talk to your child

You should also tell them that the Santa talk to your child definitely when you have the good behaviour and give unconditional love to everyone. By this way, your kids will also get to know the real magic of Christmas.